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What Our Employees Say

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"I’ve had the pleasure of working at WKMR for almost 30 years.  The relationships I have developed with both clients and co-workers are some of the most fulfilling of my life.  It’s so rewarding to work with a client and watch their business grow from the start up stage, to thriving members of the business community.  The teamwork approach at WKMR helps to mentor younger staff while providing quality service to our clients.  Management is concerned with our clients as well as the overall health and welfare of all employees.  They understand that family is important and are willing to work with employees to develop a schedule that meets their needs.  The WKMR Mission Statement is “We are CPA’s supporting our clients’ success.” Management is equally dedicated to the success of each and every employee."  LLO

"Having previously worked for WKMR from 2007 through 2011, I decided to test the waters and worked for several other great employers.  However, none compared to WKMR, which led to my return.  What sets WKMR apart from other CPA’s firms are the people.  The willingness of partners, managers, etc. to always be available and vested in development of staff ensures not only that the client will receive the highest level of service, but also creates a great working environment for its team that is highly condusive to achieving both professional and personal goals.  I am sincerely honored that WKMR chose to hire me twice." - SC

"As a recently hired member of WKMR, my experience has been invariably positive.  The opportunities to both grow as a professional as well as contributing to the services we provide are many and consistently rewarding.  The friendly culture here is profoundly evident through people who are not only happy to help each other out,  but also genuinely invest in the success of their coworkers as well as the success of their clients."   – MS

“I feel extremely grateful to work at a place like WKMR.  Aside from being an elite accounting firm, they also feel it is very important for their employees to have a good work-life balance.  WKMR also feels strongly about supplying their employees with the tools to grow as professionals by showing support and providing continuing education.  Even through the busiest times of the year, employees can always be comforted by the fact that they are a part of a supportive team and are not on their own when times get tough.” - RB

“WKMR is great place to grow and succeed, with mentors who care about your development as a professional. When work becomes hectic, everyone sticks together and helps each other through the busiest and toughest parts of the year. Everyone is dedicated to the overall success of the firm and works together to see the company grow year after year. Work schedules are flexible, and there are plenty of firm parties and events to enjoy with others. WKMR is a great place to work!” - CM

"WKMR is family friendly!  They give the flexibility needed to be a great parent, care giver, spouse, etc.  At the same time, they give support, education and desire to be a successful employee.  Without WKMR, I would just be ordinary.  Now, I can be extraordinary!" - SB

“The teamwork oriented environment that is fostered at WKMR is beneficial to both our staff and our clients.  The ability to consult with your coworkers on different aspects of a project is extremely helpful given the complex nature of our field.  Consequently, our clients can expect and do receive a higher level of service due to the team approach we use to prepare their tax returns, financial statements, and address any other questions they might have.” - DG